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This website contains information specifically relating to the 2010-2016 HLF-funded CVLLP project.
It is likely that contact information and links may become out of date.
Please contact us if you require assistance.

Our partnership is continuing to develop and deliver projects
For general information please see the Churnet Valley website

For the latest news and events, please use the Churnet Valley Guide

About the partnership

The Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership (CVLLP) is made up of local organisations - conservation charities, local government, local utility companies and businesses. These organisations have come together with a vision to enhance, both physically and in the minds of our people, the Churnet Valley as an asset to actively celebrate and enjoy. The CVLLP focusses on some of our most treasured landscapes and our unique heritage, supporting communities and organisations with local initiatives to boost the conservation, management and knowledge of our natural landscape and built heritage.

The CVLLP formed in 2010 and from October 2012, The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) supported our portfolio of projects with of £1.89 million grant. This kick-started long term environmental and social benefits for the Churnet Valley, Staffordshire.

The partnership continues into 2019, with visionary projects, active volunteers and, as importantly, a shared vision and collaborative working between the partnership organisations. The Partnership Board recognises that the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership, as delivered under the Heritage Lottery Landscape Partnership Fund 2012-16 was the first dedicated partnership approach to achieving our objective rather than an isolated initiative in the valley; it is part of a natural progression by the partners, acting as a positive step by our partnership upon which to build.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding each partner has agreed to pursue projects and initiatives under the following heritage headings:

Conserve - (conserve and enhance)
Conserve or restore the built and natural features that create the historic landscape character of the Churnet Valley.

Participate – (community participation)
Increase community participation in the local heritage of the Churnet Valley

Learn and experience (access and learning)
Increase access to and learning about the Churnet Valley landscape and its heritage

Engage and sustain (heritage skills training)
Increasing training opportunities in local heritage skills.