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This website contains information specifically relating to the 2010-2016 HLF-funded CVLLP project.
It is likely that contact information and links may become out of date.
Please contact us if you require assistance.

Our partnership is continuing to develop and deliver projects
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Enjoying Nature

Protecting the landscape is about giving people, especially children, the chance to fall in love with it.

If the next generation is going to care for their local landscape, they need to connect with it. The RSPB reserve at Coombes Valley is a great place to get in touch with the beauty of the Churnet Valley and discover its wildlife.

We’ve made the reserve more welcoming for more people. A fantastic new yurt gives a beautiful indoor environment where we can do activities with schools and other groups.

The play trail gives families a chance to go wild in the wild, to explore and have adventures.

Play trail

We need to persuade people, to inspire people, to re-connect people to nature

Hear more about

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Hear about enjoying nature in the Churnet Valley

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Hear Jarrod Sneyd from the RSPB talk about his hopes for the future